Baron Samedi’s Worms, Part 1

So, this day has come. We meet the dark side of voodoo.

Most people get ominous and gloomy associations when they hear the word voodoo.

Baron Samedi's Worms, Part 1 voodoo magicThey are right, to some extent. The voodoo egregore is a harsh thing, however, we shouldn’t allow to mislead us. Blood myths are born because of human greediness and willingness to subjugate the order that rules the universe.  If you ask a loa to kill your enemy, you need to be ready that the pay may be equal. The simplest precaution related to the dark side of voodoo: give first, then you can take. If your enemy did any harm to you – do equal harm, but don’t overreact. If you are concerned but have not been hit yet – improve your protection, especially if it is working.

Here, I present the first portion of the dark elements. They become active only if the person has been already harmed, but also help to avoid the negative influence. For example, if you suspect that some person cursed you, you can use this collection for your own benefit. If the person you suspect feels fine, this means your assumptions were wrong, at the same time you will be protected.

In new moon, between 2 and 3 am you need to write a mund with white paint on a dark leather. Prepare the spell beforehand and read three times after the mund(s) are written. Then, you bury the leather piece mund side down outside your house (if you live in a private house).

  1. Theft of life. This parasite paralyzes your opponent`s life force and make them listless, controllable and non-dangerous. If your opponent has magic skills, the worm can steal them for you (you need to outline this in your spell).
  2. Finance parasite. This worm drills through the finance channels of your opponent, creates a dead-end situation and blocks all income opportunities.
  3. The worm leaves holes in your enemy`s body that will be hard even to find. The impact is lasting and recurrent.

© Master Svitlana Hrabovska.

Original: Baron Samedi`s Worms, Part 1.

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