Masks of Oshun

A fair-skinned deity of fresh water, an invisible source of life, she comes when silver shine of a full moon touches the surface of a lake. She rules all living things in the World; she is the vital delivery waters and the diseased blood of a dying man, the sprouting plant and the ripe, juicy fruits, the quiet pulsation of a spring and the roaring waterfall.

Oshun is the high witch who is better than all other gods in the pantheon in dealing with the power side of the love magic; upon her order the attraction spells and love charms connected with food and drinks are put. When Shango, orisha of thunder and lighting, saw Oshun, he abandoned all his wives and mambos and found his rest in the arms of his new and last (and only, from that point on) wife. Oshun blesses women for a successful conception and pregnancy. Children born to Oshun and Shango – the Ibegi twins, who are born in love, give joy and happiness. They are gods` kisses who rule the mediums.

Oshun is conceited. Like a river that peacefully makes its way through the soil, all of a sudden she can turn into a roiling whirlpool. This orishas mercy can turn into wrath if a priest does something wrong. Like a moon that also has a black side, Oshun can coagulate the enemies blood and serve them some dead water.

Oshun is a patron of foretellers. She is the seventeenth out of sixteen Odus who were blessed by the Holy Father to live among people. The predictions are very clear, because Oshun merges together the divine heavenly flow of a Creator and the conscience of a priest. She acts as a synchronizer. Making her hair with a coral comb, the orisha sends the flows into different parts of the world. She helps the lost ones to find their calling and their way.

A touch of Oshun can fill one with vigor; another touch may claim strength back from anyone. Her priests have the knowledge, since water keeps the information and transmits it. This orisha also knows a lot about beauty and sensuality. She tells her mambos the secrets of delusions and poisons.

Today, I present you some of these delusions.

Masks of Oshun voodoo magic

Such masks can be created only when moon becomes full Thursday to Friday.

In 2018 such days are March 1-2, July 26-27 and November 22-23.

You need to embroider these munds on small round pieces of yellow (or gold) fabric with white (silver) thread. These should be kept between two mirrors that are put mirror surface inside. You need to check how well the fabric fits the mirrors in the beginning, you shouldn`t cut it after you finish the work. The raw edges of fabric should be finished. Also, buy another double mirror – you will put the necessary mask into it and take it with you.

The masks are not gender-specific and can be used both by men and women.

  1. Firm core with a silky cover. Helps to attain self-confidence, feeling of strength, increases one`s self-esteem and sense of worth. Can be used during business meetings, important talks, dates, during meetings with new people. Makes you more attractive in the eyes of others and also helps to make the issues with your speech and appearance less apparent. Don`t use this mask if you have enough confidence in yourself. There is a risk that you will look an upstart.
  2. Helps to eliminate pressure on one`s nervous system in case of frequent breakdowns. It helps against psychotic disorders, aggression and outbreaks of anger. It is also a good tool to keep one afloat mentally during legal proceedings, in stressful situations, toxic environments and tense work schedules. This mask is a good tool for increasing self-discipline, including overcoming alcohol and nicotine addictions. If you are a melancholic type, this mask can make you totally apathetic. Be careful!
  3. Increased sexuality. Fatal attractiveness. Used while searching for a partner for sexual plays. This mask excludes the component of long-term relationships. It was initially used as an aphrodisiac during ritual intercourses. It can be used to cause blasts with your permanent partner and bring you some unforgettable moments, however, I don`t recommend to use it very often.
  4. Luxury. This mask can make you look like an upper-class wastrel who got a good heritage. Rich person`s mask. If you need to make people believe you have more than you really do, use this mask.
  5. “In sickness and in health”. Used for finding a long-term partner for marriage and creating a family. Shows you as a reliable person and the one who is able to support.
  6. The “invisible man” delusion. Hides you, veils your personality and magic skills. This mask is very hard to reveal because it blends you in with the environment. Thus, it is really hard to spot you.
  7. Mask of horror, physical power. Inspires fear in people around you. Prevents any intentions to attack you both physically and mentally. It also has protective ‘mirror’ properties.
  8. The Foreteller mask. Helps you to see good options of different situations. Includes the probability lines element. Works perfectly for divinations, fortune-telling, choosing the good way out of many options. It also helps to identify the important aspects and split the task into sub-tasks. Good for planning.

© Author of the text and reading were prepared by Master Svitlana Hrabovska.

Original: Masks of Oshun.

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